Dear Social Media Contacts,

Thank you for never tagging me on your challenges and memes. An analogue chain letter might be intriguing but the digital version is too fast and convenient to replicate.

There are thousands of you of all ages, from all around the world. And yet, you have all been very considerate I'm glad I didn't have to have to face the inner turmoil of having to ignore you in a call and response game, or worse, to confront you about why I was rejecting your call.

Of course there was the matter of the poetry exchange that happened by email, and one period during late 2019 when I kept receiving the message over and over again. But at least on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere, you have avoided putting me in a difficult situation.

Do you also remember that poetry chain letter?

somehow i received ten or even fifteen emails from people trying to add me to the loop, but i never got a single poem. i think i sent along one or two, but there must have been too much entropy in the process, because much like i failed to respond to many others' emails requesting that i forward the previous person on the list a poem, others failed to do so for me: i never received any poems in return.

A loyal content provider